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AIR Aura Rose Gold (Over Ear Wireless Headphones)

AIR Aura Rose Gold (Over Ear Wireless Headphones)

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Your Aura.

Friendie AIR Aura Wireless Headphones are designed to harness mind body and sound, with ultra comfy ‘cloud pillow’ earpads, dual folding design, and pure crisp opulent sound. Perfect for your cool down after a heavy gym session, blocking external sound at work (or working from home), or listening to your favourite songs during some “me time”. They are designed for all day wear with 10 hours of battery life, and feature fast charging in only 2.5 hours.

Available in Rose Gold or Matte Black.

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  • Modern sleek design
  • Ultra-comfortable ‘cloud pillow’ earpads for all day wear
  • 10 hours of playback and 2.5mhours full fast charge
  • Smaller bag-sized protective carry case
  • Micro USB charge cord- compatible worldwide
  • Micro SD card slot to save your phone’s battery life
  • Designed for today’s chart music and your favourite podcasts
  • Contain no harmful or hazardous substances (Certified RoHS compliant)
  • Multimedia controller (play, pause, previous, next, volume controls)
  • Multi-fold design to fold flat, half moon fold or a combination of both
  • High performance micro USB 2.0 charging cables
  • Passive noise cancelling via high density foam to reduce ambient noise
  • Supplementary audio line in
  • Secondary phone controller (answer and end calls)
  • Apple devices will show a Bluetooth battery meter



Your time. Your Aura. 

The AIR Aura are designed for “me time”. In our busy and complex worlds, between juggling home, work and our active lifestyles, sometimes all we need is some time to find our Aura.

Comfort. Life. Style.

These headphones are designed to look stylish in the office and comfortable enough to match your favourite lounge wear, thanks to the unique ‘cloud pillow’ earpads. The headband for the AIR Aura utilizes Friendie’s relaxed-fit style of headband, ensuring they fit snugly but not tightly.

Sound designed for Today:

AIR Aura headphones are designed for today’s chart music, with the best bass and clearest treble for today’s modern music. If you love listening to Beethoven, Bach and Chopan, we recommend you ask your dad what headphones he likes.

Charge Anywhere. Worldwide.

All Friendie products use a standardized micro USB power cord, designed for compatibility and ease no matter where you are in the world. Additional micro USB chargers are available internationally through all major retailers.

Music Without Interruptions.

Friendie has added another bonus to your AIR Aura headphones, which now have a Micro SD Card slot. If using the SD card, you won’t drain your phone battery or be interrupted by alerts via your phone. You can choose to disconnect from your phone and connect to your Aura only.

Environmentally Friendly.

Friendie AIR Aura are RoHS compliant. Europe is at the forefront of setting global warming reduction targets and in doing so, they have created an electrical equipment standard- 2002/95/EC aka RoHS- which ensures no part or substance in creating these electronics is harmful or hazardous. Although not required by law in Australia, the environment is important to us at Friendie. We are committed to reducing harm to the environment. Our AIR Auras have been issued a certificate of compliance for RoHS.


Friendie. Making headphones friendly. 


10 hours of music playback

Comfort fit for all day wear

Multimedia controllers

Fitness intensity = Light (yoga, pilates, weights, walking, cardio, stationary bike)