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AIR Active 2.0 Matte Black Rose Gold Sport Earbuds (In Ear Wireless Headphones)

AIR Active 2.0 Matte Black Rose Gold Sport Earbuds (In Ear Wireless Headphones)

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True Wireless. True Freedom. True Active.

Friendie AIR Active 2.0 Earbud True Wireless In Ear Headphones are designed to lift your active lifestyle in true athletic audio style. Featuring the most advanced wireless technology, these headphones deliver crisp, clear sound designed for today’s music.
The removable silicone wrap-around earhooks ensure a smooth and comfortable fit. Asymmetrically balanced, they stay right where you want them during your morning run, weight session or while you work.



  • Touch sensitive multimedia controls on each earbud (play, pause, next track, previous track)
  • Interchangeable earhook or earfin silicone design
  • Lightweight, asymmetrical bud design (only 4 grams)
  • Sweat proof and splash proof earbuds
  • Secondary microphone feature (answer call, end call, refuse call)
  • Efficient battery technology with chargeable portable case, providing up to 4 hours of music on the go.
  • Wireless Audio Version 5
  • Portable protective charge and carry case
  • Supports wireless QI certified charging (not included)
  • USB-C charge cord (included)
  • Deep bass calibrated for today’s chart music


Fitness. Freedom

The Air Active 2.0 is designed to provide ultimate freedom, so you can train harder and longer. This is all thanks to the large energy efficient charge case, which features 4 hours of battery life. In addition, the earbuds are true wireless, and the optional ear hooks ensure your earbuds stay perfectly in place while you workout. Our new buds are lighter, slimmer and more confident than its predecessor. These headphones are designed to slip into your work pants, gym shorts or yoga pants, and be virtually invisible thanks to the new slimline pocket-friendly case. Be free and listen to music without any limitations.


Hook or Fin? You decide.

The original Active (for all you long term Friendie fans out there!) had fins, and to stay true to form, we kept the fin design to satisfy our loyal followers. With product updates also comes innovation, which is why the Active 2.0 also features an updated additional design option, offering security with the larger ear hook. The fins and hooks are made of rubberized silicone, providing a comfortable fit, and can be easily removed to switch styles. They are truly interchangeable, and both fit and charge within the charge case. And it’s all up to you- fins, hooks or even just the buds solo- it’s your choice. Change it up whenever you want!


Active. Life. Style.

Friendie headphones are designed to look great at the gym, at the office or in your athleisure gear at the coffee shop. It’s what we pride ourselves on. The Active 2.0s are not only beautiful on the outside, they are a gym-junkie on the inside, featuring incredible, advanced technology. Enjoy knowing your buds are working as hard as you, with Bluetooth v5 chips, highly calibrated sound and no moving parts. Oh, did we mention they last for 4 hours between charges and can be recharged 15 times (60 hours of usage)? The only question is - can you keep up?

These headphones are designed to stay in your ears thanks to the unique SecureStay inverted design that holds onto the Antihelix of your ear rather than hanging down over the earlobe. Choose your best fit and select the micro-silicon ear tip that best suits you, to ensure ultimate comfort and optimum fit.


Dual Multi-Controllers

Friendie AIR Active 2.0 has dual controllers. Are you right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous? We got you. We’ve included touch sensitive multi-controllers on both ears, so if you are doing a one-handed pushup or are all twisted up in a mega zen yoga pose, you can always change tracks.


Sound Designed for Today.

Your AIR Active 2.0 earbuds are designed for today’s music, with the best bass and clearest treble for today’s chart music. If you love listening to Beethoven, Bach and Chopan, we recommend you ask your dad what headphones he likes.


Charge. Anywhere.

Friendie AIR Active 2.0 is dressed in a protective case, doubling as a charging case. They will automatically turn off, power off and recharge every time they are put back in the case. When you’re ready to use them again, simply take them out of the case. They will automatically power on, charged and ready to use.
Forgot your charge cord? The AIR Active 2.0 uses a USB C power cord, designed for compatibility no matter when you are in the world. Additional USB-C chargers are available internationally through all major retailers, or via our website.


Charge On The Desk.

Friendie AIR Active 2.0 now features a wireless Charger in the base of the charge case. You now have the additional option to conveniently charge your AIR Actives by putting them on a Certified Qi charge pad to charge (charge pad not included). Please check out our Friendie Charge Chargepad, listed on our website under ‘Accessories’ to upgrade your experience.


Environmentally Friendly

AIR Active 2.0 are RoHS compliant. Europe is at the forefront of global warming targets and in doing so, they have created an electrical equipment standard, 2002/95/EC aka RoHS, which ensures no part or substance in creating these electronics is harmful or hazardous. Although not required by law in Australia, the environment is important to us at Friendie. We are committed to reducing harm to the environment. Our AIR Active 2.0 have been issued a certificate of compliance for RoHS.





Charge Case:

Battery Size: 1500mAh
Charge time: 2.5 hours (5V/1A)
Usage: 15 charges (60 hours of usage)
Charge cable: USB Type-C or Qi Charging pad
Dimensions: 8.0cm x 7.0cm x 3.0cm



Size: 40mAh each
Charge time: 1 hour (via charge case)
Music playback: 4 hours usage
Talk time: 2.5 hours
Connection: Left, right or as a pair
Power on/off: Automatic when removed from charge case
Water Resistance: Splash proof protection



Sensitivity: 95dB +-3dB
Impedance: 16 Ω
Frequency: 20-20KHz
Speaker: 8mm
Noise Cancelling: CVC 6.0


Wireless Connections:

Standard: BT 5.0
Frequency range: 2.5G ISM (2.4Ghz – 2.8Ghz)
Distance range: 10 meters (dual earphones)


Multi-function controller:

Media playback: Play, pause, next, previous, volume up/down
Phone connection: Answer/end call



Charger: 37 grams
Earphone: 4 grams each


Package Contents:

Product: Friendie AIR Active 2.0 TWS In Ear Headphones
Ear hook: Inner fin and outer hook.
User manual: English
Charge cable: USB Type C